When I first held an ipad in my hands, my first first feeling was not love.  It felt like an odd oversize iphone.  Apps were magnified, not native.  I didn’t know how to prop it up.  It didn’t feel like it replaced anything, and my powerstrip was already full of chargers. Then I started looking at my images full screen and they just glowed. I could touch them, make them grow and shrink with my fingers. I started watching my videos and could literally feel the sound.
It made me happy.

My work has never fit in a bottle. It rambles across state lines from celebrities to my closest friends, from ageless movie queens to my two little boys. My pictures are about haircuts and brushed teeth. My camera is a mirror people like the way they look in.  

Before the ipad I always tried to squeeze the images into fake categories. Corporate, lifestyle, never worked. Lines were always blurred. What tied everything together was lost.

This app is an exercise to show how my images relate to each other. It allows you to shake and touch and swipe and go in circles. It is a game like everyday is. It is a negotiation with your imagination and my sensibility.

This app is a work in progress and will get updated constantly. Images will disappear and new ones will be born. Categories will come and go. Just like each day. For now, this is where the sun lands on the dial.  

We were having coffee in the lobby of the Ace, almost black. We are discussing where this ipad app fits into the world. These words came out, “this is the start of a way we can begin looking at how our lives come together and intersect. Why do we close the book on a vacation, a birthday, a season? How do all the seasons, all the birthdays, and the vacations relate?” Our lives are a series of scenes that are all connected. We are all connected. It is important to see where the two rivers form one. It is important we jump in together... if nothing else to help each other from drowning.


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