I have been photographing almost everyday since I was 7.   For me, photography is as intuitive as making toast. Yet, everyday….EVERYDAY I still pick up my camera and say to myself Alexey Brodvitch’s admonition, “astonish me!”

I am asked all the time, “Who is the most amazing person you have ever met?”   “What is the greatest picture you have ever taken?”  Everytime I give the same answer.   YOU are the most amazing person I have ever met, and the picture we are about to take is the most amazing picture I have ever taken. 

I live in the moment.  I dig into the stories that move me, your stories. The story of your company. Your family.  The place we are all connected.    My work is not about the way I see – although I see very clearly through all the static.   My work is about how we are all connected.  What makes us special.  What excites me.   And that is never something that is far away.  It is always where I am at that very moment.  What is right in front of me. 

I am a story teller.   I use all of my senses to take pictures.  Pictures only taken with your eyes are like eating something you can only see and never taste.  I take pictures you can taste.  And smell.  And feel. 

My work is not about how we share images, it is about feeling.  I am not looking to take the most iconic, stylized image of your surfaces.   I am working my way from the inside out.   I want you to look at my pictures and say, “I know that feeling.”  “That is me.”  I want you to say, “That is how I feel.”


George Lange

Video Creative Director

Stephanie Lange


Jane Cavagnero