George Lange

Photographer, Director, Speaker

I have been photographing almost everyday since I was 7.   For me, photography is as intuitive as making toast. Yet, everyday….EVERYDAY I pick up my camera and expect from myself Alexey Brodvitch’s admonition to, “astonish me!”

I am asked all the time, “Who is the most amazing person you have ever met?”   “What is the greatest picture you have ever taken?”  Every time I give the same answer.   YOU are the most amazing person I have ever met, and the picture we are about to take is the most amazing picture I have ever taken.

I live in the moment.  I dig into the stories that move me, your stories.  The story of your company. Your family.  The place we are all connected. My work is about how we are all connected.  What makes us special. My work is as much about listening as seeing.    I use all of my senses to take pictures.  Pictures only taken with your eyes are like eating something you can only see and never taste.  I take pictures you can taste.  And smell.  And feel.

I am a story teller.   I am working my way from the inside out.   I want you to look at my pictures and say, “I know that feeling.”  “That is me.”  I want you to say, “That is how I feel.”   The pictures take the simplest moments and elevate them to timeless.


Stephanie Lange

Art Director

With a background in fine art and painting, I try to bring a fresh eye and creative thinking to every project I am working on. The best work comes from clear communication with our clients and collaboration between George and myself, whether on a still or video shoot.  Our goal is to tell your story in a beautiful and authentic way; to help you connect to your audience and clients in a meaningful way.



George Lange has extensive experience photographing clients across industries and throughout the world. Through his work with large corporate companies like Microsoft, Cardinal Health and IBM, George has been able to pinpoint the heartbeat of a brand, no matter what they are creating. The entertainment industry has also been a focus for Lange Studio; between TLC, People Magazine, Esquire, and USA Weekend, George has demonstrated his unique ability to bring out the individuality of his subjects and to create a comfort zone for his subjects to reveal themselves. His inspiration is endless and his determination for outstanding work for every client means that whether it is a start-up, a family, a non-profit or a large corporation.



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