Monday was Stephie's  birthday.   We snuck out - got the least expensive room at the fanciest new hotel in Soho - the Crosby St.   High Tea, moonrise over Manhattan from our window, 11PM dinner at Balthazar, sunrise, a good English breakfast....then into a wild creative play period.  All over our room Stephie wrote her birth date: in tape on the windows, in red string on the pillows, in paint on the front page of the Times, fog on the shower, washing down the sink.....  1700 pictures in 3 hours before they finally came for our bags.   Washed it down with a lobster roll around the block.  Sat almost speechless.  Felt like we sitting at the back of the bus at the end of the "Graduate."     These shots are more stills from our animation than photographs in their own right.   Flipbook TK. 2010.03.01_0808