How fragile life is

Pam wrote: "Love my new photo I got at the Proof auction of the Maplewood Pool diver! Thanks for donating it for a great cause and for the privilege of enjoying it in my home!"

Fancy bed calling here in Cleveland at 2AM.  Listening to a punk show on BBC1 playing, "Help is on the way."   Impromtu prayer on the tarmac as a plane lay as a smoking skeleton next to where we were taking off.   "Remember how fragile life is."  Amen.

Jeni's opened her first shop in Cleveland yesterday.   Have to give it a test drive.  Even though it will be for the troops - I  have been off sugar since the masseuse in Nashville suggested by digging her elbows in three months ago.

Planning a shoot in Chicago on Wednesday.  Found these amazing photographs by Kubrick for inspiration.