Say hello to all the conductors

Jackson is under my skin right now.   Maybe it is because I am between work trips which always has me missing everything I want to hold onto, even when it is right in front of me.

Today Jackson came into the city, and swung by my office.  "Daddy, I came to take you home."   Jackson said he wanted to take the 5:47 because it was an express.   We settled on the 4:09.    When we got off the train, we stood, as we always do, as the train unloaded.   The conductor was right in front of us.   Jackson told him, "I wanted to ride on a double-decker, but the 4:09 was only a single decker."   The conductor promised Jackson's next trip would be on a double decker, before signaling to the other conductors he was good to go.  Jackson yelled out, "Tell all the conductors I said hi."

We waited as the doors closed, the brakes hissed, and the train rolled off to Dover.