2009 Holiday Mix

2009.12.14_023 Check it out on Rhapsody here: http://tinyurl.com/yfklbyd

I have created end of the year music mixes for a long time. Usually putting it off until it's almost too late. This year I did a mix for the summer (finished around Labor Day) that I really liked, so I built this year end mix from that. There are some things I love that just don't fit in, some too embarrassing to share, some stuff only I would like. Then there is music you need to hear - music I cannot believe did not exist until now.

It was a year of great invention here at the studio. Assignments that showed off what we can do. Personal projects that tested our courage and mettle. The new pictures and videos make me so happy, I cannot believe THEY didn't exist until now... and I have not always felt that way. Although my friend Neil Kraft from RISD claimed just last month that this is exactly how I was at RISD, that I had always just done my best work ever.

As for the music, we listen to all day long. The first song of the morning sets the tone of the day. The last song is often Vashti Bunyan's "Train Song" covered by Feist on the "Dark was the Night" compilation. At our office, Jeremy played Kid Cudi and Jay Z whenever he could and we miss him when we hear it now. At the shootings we played the gamut, working to inspire ourselves and our subjects. My favorite was playing a bootleg of a Bruce Springsteen concert this fall for Diane Sawyer who had been to the concert the night before. She instantly began crooning "I would drive all night just to buy you some shoes."

The way we listen changed so radically the past year. Away from home everything streamed off my iphone - Rhapsody (an incredible subscription service I use for $14 a month with almost everything you could want), Pandora, Slacker (like Pandora but better sound and more interesting mixes), LastFM, Wolfgang's Vault, podcasts from All Songs Considered (lots of live shows), and so much more. At home it was Sonos streaming wirelessly all through the house - controlled by my iphone or any computer, Sonos streams like the iphone does, plus pulls from the server of music I own - to every room.