21 pounds


Jackson is Jackson.

Albeit a skinnier version these past weeks.

Suddenly ravenous as his stomach is gets back on track.

Gratefully normalized with all bodily functions (oh all we take for granted)

His snack of choice on his new diet is hummus and rice cakes....and he is slowly turning into one.

We went fishing today. It was a beautiful spring day.

Jackson has a sidearmed cast that is pretty impressive.

He left the worms to me.

Jackson and I took Asher to his 18 month check up.

I am sure you remember yours.

There were no tootsie pops.

We took some pictures before the Dr. came in, while Asher was posing on the scale.

21 pounds.

Came back for a deep nap we all had a hard time waking up from, then lit the grill.

Tomorrow Jackson is going to Shabbat at school in the morning, his first time back in weeks.

We will all sing together.