Buddy - Cake Boss for TLC

This shoot was a real watershed moment for me.  Everything came together - both as a still image and a wonderful sequence.  It was a shoot I was immensely proud of - and it felt creatively like we had lifted the work to a new level. Shot in Hoboken behind the bakery.  Stephie painted the backdrop in our home driveway late into  the night before the shoot.  It looked like a gigantic sheet of leather.   We mounted it in the alley behind the bakery, on the very bricks "On The Waterfront" had been filmed years before.   An assistant climbed up on a tall ladder with a big sifter of flour.  Buddy folded his arms and didn't change his hard gaze into the camera under the shower that came pouring onto him.  You can see the whole sequence on our web site here: http://www.langestudio.com/video_cakeboss.html

This was my first assignment in a long while with Dan Cavey at TLC.  It was a great jump back.  Love that the ads, which ran everywhere, barely had any type on them.

My favorite compliment was from Allyson Torrisi - who when I told her I had taken this shot said, "Of course this is your shot.  If it was not yours, they hired someone to copy you."