60 seconds

I was invited by my good friend Allyson Torrisi to speak to her class of photographers at ICP yesterday.  Below is the transcript:

This morning, as I walking down the driveway to work,  Jackson, my 4 year old, opens the front door and yells out, "DADDY! Have a great day!"  "You, too!" I yelled back.   "DADDY, go into New York City and talk for 1 minute then come back home" Here is all I have to say:

Everything is inside of you.  I am sure of it.  If you are cruising Twitter or Facebook or blogs or Tumblr or all over the web.  If you are reading Vanity Fair or XXL or the New Yorker or Patti Smith's book OR going to the theater, to hear music, to dance, or listening to Mac Miller or Radiohead or Jonsi.  I know so clearly that everything you need, everything you are looking for, every path forward, every great picture is inside of you.  When you wake up and are having a bad day, the good day is inside of you.  You are not going to find anything you need outside of yourself - except for the inspiration to dig deeper.  You want friends, your partner, your faith to give you all the answers - but they can only support you, give you strength - only you can help yourself.   You are wasting your time surfing all over the place for that one thing you need.  It is not on You Tube - although I love Ira Glass on Storytelling.  Ira talks of how much work it is to find you own voice, to fail, to keep pushing.  Work can be a pleasure, emotional bruises heal if you are doing  the right thing.  Dig in deep!

The most important thing is that you get in touch with how special you are.  With how precious our lives are.  No matter what story you tell in any medium - if it truly comes from your heart, you will be able to communicate meaningfully.

And now I can go home to Jackson. Thank you.