99 out of 100

Pulled this chestnut of Sophia Loren out after seeing, "The Artist" last night in Montclair.  The movie was great - especially when the sound really did become silent - and all you were left with were the visuals to carry the story.   As old school as the film was, it felt so modern at that moment.  Like Amazon crumbled and we were able to talk  without a sound.   Afterwards we went across the street to one of my favorite restaurants in our suburbia, Raymond's It has the most flattering, glowing light - it was like we stepped right out of the theater and onto the set of the movie.   The hostess had the biggest smile.  It was shrimp and grits.

I took this shot in Beverly Hills.   Sophia did her own hair and  makeup, and was totally game going around with the leaf blower.  Total class.  We catered a really nice lunch.  Linen napkins.  When she did her lips after lunch and blotted them on a napkin, I asked her to sign it.  First and last time I ever asked for an autograph.

Song of the day from era of "The Artist":  99 Out Of A Hunderd Wana Be Loved