Visiting my mother (who everyone calls "A" - short for Aline) in Siesta Key for a couple of days with Stephie and Jackson. Breakfast this morning for 40 of her "closest friends" to meet Jackson - and this is where she only spends two months of the year! Jackson got passed around like he had 20 sets of grandparents with decaf breath. My mother is in another world with Jackson. Watching her with her first grandchild is hysterically funny and sweet. She teaches him manners, "very nice to meet you." while Jackson sucks on his fingers and purrs. We dip his feet in the ocean and chase the birds at sunset. His first sunset at the ocean. His first salt water. Jackson thinks the ocean is a big white noise machine and drifts off in my arms. Went to the drugstore with Jackson for some swimming diapers. Had Jackson in the stroller. The pharmacist asked if we needed child or adult diapers. Ahhhh Florida.

Consider myself an expert on homemade lemonade. Had an incredible one today - squeezed organic lemons and green apples. No sweetener. Totally incredible.

Closed the day on the beach at sunset drinking champagne with friends, my mother in a bright red sweater. Stephie looked so beautiful tonight. Seeing her in the beach light makes it impossible to question if dreams come true.

Then stone crabs and key lime pie.

Fell asleep too early. Now up writing to you.