A doctor's appointment

Went to a new pediatrician. Had to be lectured on every bad thing that can happen to Jackson. Then had to initial every warning about impending disaster to show we understood the risks.   Jackson is skinny.   You don't want to hear all things it could be.  None of which takes into account that he laughs really hard an inordinate amount of the time.   If he doesn't start talking in a month the sky will fall.   If he doesn't move from cruising to walking on his own soon the sidewalk will cave.   God forbid he gets the measles - he is a goner.  I had the measles once...

Is there anything sadder than holding your son and watching him get a shot?  Oh....Jackson.   I will lick those tears.

Left appreciating the power of packaging information in kindness and empathy.   People often say how postive and happy we are.  Seems so obvious if you have a choice.   Need to find people like doctors and teachers who speak our language.