A Movie and a Play

Two dates with Stephie this week with Janet in town to talk in Jackson's language. Both the movie (the Diving Bell and the Butterfly) and the Becket play at BAM (Happy Days) were brilliant and so inpired. Both involved losing the expression of much of one's body, and still able to express so much. By the second act of Happy Days, only Fiona Shaw's head was left peering out, her body having been swallowed up by an arid, rocky, forbidding landscape. Only a talking head - no body - on the whole stage held the audience breathless. She could say more with her face, her eyes, each swallow, each scream - than most ensembles, like a geyser of humanity erupting in a barren landscape. Also saw "There Will Be Blood" - which in comparison felt like an exercise in suppressed anger and oh....my studio all turned away when I said I didn't love this film. Maybe I couldn't find a place in that dream. Take me to Sweeney Todd again! bthappydays125.jpg