A New Friend

Good morning George, It was just great meeting you at PIM last night.  It was one of the least interesting meetings I've been to but meeting you guys saved it for me.

I'm going to Virginia for 10 days tomorrow, but the minute I get back, you're on the list for Maplewood Dining Club.  I'm sure to bring back southern stuff to eat.  Last year, rose and stuffed the back of the car with ham, canned peaches, goo goo clusters, collards,  a carton of cigarettes for the dog sitter, chewing tobacco (well hell they were giving it away at the store where they sold the cigs), White Lily flour, and stone ground corn meal.  I mean some things you just can't get up here.

so I'm sure we'll have a Ham and biscuits dinner when we get back.

Can't wait to see you guys again.





I think we are in love with you!  I have never tried chewing tobacco...but if it adds to the dish, hardens the whipped whites, and it fun to spit on a steak while it is grilling, I am in.

PLEASE call when you get back.   We will watch Sherman's March and get all the burners going.

In the meantime, we will grease the front door jam with lard .....





Get on your best bib and tucker, we're gonna make a side triip over the blue rifge mountains into the Shenandoah valley and we will pick provisions where ever we go.  home middle of next week. bring sharp knives. xo  el