A New Year

Welcome 2011. We are going to push every dream up the hill and not stop until we summit. We are going to imagine every single moment as the most precious, the most fleeting, the most eternal, and with the most promise. We are going to comfort tears, laugh until we can’t breathe, and hold eachother forever. We are going to look out for one another, leave our door open, and turn out the lights we are not using. We are going to plant seeds of music and ideas and stories we make up. We are going to open our hearts, even to people we don’t think we can stand. We are going to hold onto every memory we can, knowing we are going to forget almost everything. In the end there will be some documentation – in a little book, on a hard drive somewhere, on our phone…. That picture will remind us of that moment when we held eachother. It will illustrate why we were never bored. It will show us where our hearts touched.