A quick look back at Summer 2008

Have spent the summer trying to catch up on my Last Ten Minutes.   Rule number one seems to be no catching up.  If you forget what you composed in your head with the water running in the shower you can only move on.  I am obsessed with not looking back.  Never making the same dish twice.   Always finding my way in through a new door. This is what I remember from the summer of ‘08:

Swam my first lap underwater in the Maplewood pool singing the intro "Just One of Those Things"

Photographed the Obama's in Columbus (see picture and story above)

In London twice this summer.  The first time: Best meal of the summer was at St. John across from Spitafield's market. Ah…the ox hearts, the snails, even the greens. Not for the faint of heart – but so much fun and yummy.

Got a haircut and the world's closest shave at Aiden Gil’s great men's barbershop in New Orleans. Aiden sold me his own special shaving oil, lavender shaving soap, a really good badger brush –and then recommended a Gilette Fusion.  Feel...smooth.  Later that day I stepped on a mountain of the nastiest biting fire ants shooting in the park.  Brushed them off and kept shooting.

Photographed Joan Rivers for her new book on why men love big tits.  Then went to see her the next night at a small NY standup club.  Was dying of thirst but did not dare reach for my glass.  Couldn’t breathe. Stephie said she had not seen me ever laugh that hard for that long.  It was painful and completely wrong and hilarious.

Fed 600 traders on the hungry floor of Knight Trading for an HP shooting.  40 feet of semolina stuffed with good italian mozzarella and its close associates, all gone.  Shot around all my good friends there who tease me about being camera shy, then want to look like rock stars.

In London the second time. Photographed business models against graffiti,while one was singing opera and I was singing that damn Coldplay song to myself.   Found my good friend Bart Mangrum , a great painter from Nashville and Stefania Bonaccorso, a great shrink from Rome leaning against Habitat.   Saw West Burghardt  running over to Yahoo from the Starbucks’s on St. Martin’s Lane. Ate at St. John's again!  Missed Max and Day’s wedding in Santa Barbara.  Stephie got the best dress.  On the day she was with Jackson above the eucalyptus at the ceremony, I was wandering behind the Borough Market in a quiet alley.  Looked in the only little shop there.   Just inside the door on a mannequin was the dress Stephie was wearing a half a world away .

Because the night.  The whole studio went to see Bruce Springsteen at the Meadowlands.  It is embarrassing to be into Springsteen.   Hard to deny the power of 60,000 people rolling with one man, no opening act, no break between most of the songs, logging in at over three hours.

Breathing pictures.  Shot people blowing into tubes hooked up to respiratory products in  San Diego, Wurzburg, Germany, and Basingstoke, UK.  I am not lying about this.  A lot of very controlled blowing.

Had blueberries at the Cascadian Farms stand way up north in the Washingston State mountains.   Might be on my five greatest reasons for living, those blueberries. Only to be matched by that organic peach from Pike Street Market. Dripped down over Jackson's cheeks.

I added Spanish Paprika to the gazpacho for the first time.   Had the most amazing handmade favabean ravioli from Mama at Corso 98.  Spent a small fortune on the freshest tilefish and tuna and smoked scallops with Jimmy at the Montclair farmer's market.

I found out my in-laws raided my stash the Jeni's Ice Cream in the basement - but I still love them. Learned to make the Lemon frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries. Love Jeni. Had dinner with her and Charly and Greta in June. Jackson and Greta rolled around the floor of the Short North store and we had a deluxe tasting. Jackson had his first ice cream ever. Jeni Fed Ex's it all to your door. Went to shoot in the new little factory. They had vanilla beans from Uganda marinating in fresh cream. Freshly picked mint crush in more cream. Heaven on earth in Columbus, Ohio.

Got a good lesson in tomatoes at the Millburn Famer’s Market this morning.

It was like all summers, too fast, too beautiful... I shot the most pictures ever. It was the first summer with Jackson. Dream baby dream.