After the Today Show

After doing the Today show, I went back out on the street where they are packing up the outdoor carnival for the show they put on everyday in Rockefeller Center. The skaters are starting to fill up the rink. I am wanting to find the nearest Le Pain Quotidien with Stephie and let go of everything but her. I need some good gluten. The saleswoman asks if it has hit me yet. (I am not really the kind of person that gets off on the spotlight). The publisher tells me sales have jumped 7009%. (hello top 50 at Amazon, have not seen you in a little while). Most of the feedback is about the green pants I was sporting thanks to a Liquor Store that J. Crew now inhabits. My mother's phone in Pittsburgh is very busy - but she still sneaks out to yoga. Tonight I watched the replay in Kay Unger's bedroom. It fit nicely between all the pillows and the Warhol butts. #shootyourlife3.8