All Access Pass


Marriage is a full access pass.   Backstage, VIP section, best seat in the house.  Full access let’s you compose songs with the star.  Let’s you share the spotlight or hide just off stage in the wings.   Full access let’s you play the piano or the drums, sing backing vocals, and work on the set list after a bad night.  Full access let’s you hear love songs written about you.   Full access gets you a nod from security, a lifted rope, and entrance into the dressing room.  Full access let’s you be the lead groupie and sleep with the star every night. Full access gives you a hand to hold, and keys to the limo.

All access pass with Jackson allows me all the privileges of being a founding member of the band.   Access that allows me to get into the front of the pit, hold up signs with my favorite requests, and sometimes even hear them played.  Full access to a star who has never ever not been  happy to see me, even after a bad show.  Full access  to let me rock the sadness from a bad dream and feel his head curl into my shoulder.   Full access to the wings of the stage to have the best view in the house of  baths and naps.   A VIP backstage pass to many performances of firsts: first breath,  first word, first kiss, first look at each season, first howl at the moon, first pee in the grass , first glide down the driveway on a scooter, first time handing a ticket to the conductor, first ripe peach.

The all access pass to my family is the most precious thing I own.   All access.   Unlimited hugs and kisses.  Live Nation alright.