Antidotes for the recession

Spend your last five dollars on the best bread from Balthazar. Go out, hear some really loud music and don't look at your phone. Go to . Spell your name with handmade raviolis made by an Italian grandmother. Do not shift into reverse or touch the brakes. Remember the person you love most in the world is sleeping next to you every single night. Do not edit. Go into strange rooms. Meet strangers. Go easy on the questions, big on the answers. Don't worry if you are right. Don't worry what anything means. Dance around the process. Slip your friends little prose cordials. Give some of it away. Wave your own flag. Find the place that is more wonder than, "excuse me." Know that light is not patient. Know that pictures stop time then move on. Know that you Dad did a good job. Know that if there is not art left in the world nothing else is worth it. Know that art was way too overpriced anyhow. Read Duane Michals and listen to Tom Waits. Don't stress over the days that feel like retreads. Just don't stop. At the end of his show, Steve Earle came back on stage, looked at the audience and said, "Don't Fuck Up!" He meant it. When I met my wonderful financial adviser who helps us sorry freelancers try to save for retirement, I begged her to put any money I could save in a hole in her backyard.  I always thought the market was like gambling and never really believed in putting my hard earned cash in a slot machine.    Last week I asked her how she was explaining the economy to her clients.  She wrote this:

"Best advice I give everyone now is keep doing work that you love. It produces cash flow for your needs today (rather than relying on a portfolio) and gives time to right our ship.

Work is stressful certainly but we all still have high-class problems compared with millions of others. I remind myself of that every day.

Kiss your wife and baby and keep shooting!"