Antidotes for the Recession #2

Looking for the tourguide at Cindy Sherman Take the snow as a sign that something still works.   Go easy on the Purell.  Check out the Babar show in Chelsea.  It is like concentrating on your breath at yoga class.   One simple idea getting imagined millions of wonderful ways.  Yesterday Stephie and I saw the Cindy Sherman prints.  Ahhh....  Oohhh...   We looked at the “Bare” show and winced a bit even though it was just us in the gallery.   Then we fell in love again at the Barbar show of all places???   Years ago I photographed Laurent de Brunhoff.   I photographed him standing on his head in Connecticut.  His father, Jean invented Babar, but only did the first two books.  Laurent quietly, patiently, brilliantly has created everything since.   He made a little drawing of Babar sitting on a park bench with a camera around his neck for me that now hangs in Jackson’s room.   I will take a picture of it to show you after Jackson wakes up from his nap.

There was a woman in a bright red coat wandering around the Cindy Sherman show alone. She looked just like one of the characters from the pictures on the wall.  She kept mumbling, “I am waiting for the tour guide.  I could wait forever!” in the heaviest Jersey accent.   She had a little bottle of Purell attached to her belt.  I hope she found the tourguide and got home before the snow started.  I know her hands are clean.

It is snowing now like crazy.  Dreamland....