Asher and the Fourth Birthday Party

AsherStephie made this amazing frame to shoot Asher and his friends for his 4th birthday party. Asher was sick, the party was cancelled - now it is there just for documentation. Asher is not into posing. Never has been, though I have won the battle often enough (not in this shot). I have been thinking about this generation - the first whose every single move is being documented. It was even funny to see the exasperation on the "professional" guy shooting pictures for the soccer league as every parent shot with their phones over his shoulder. (He lost my sympathy when the team assembled with their arms over each other and he moved them into a stupid, generic pose). My point is, what are our kids thinking as they are having to look into a camera everyday? "Hold that!" "Stand there!" "Can you just do that one more time?" What happens when they are looking at all these shots of themselves? I am as guilty as anyone on the planet of feeling that need to capture everything or else I will forget. My kids sometimes feel an experience is not validated without a picture. They love having the history. I get that. But what is going through their minds with their expressions? Jackson's fake smile that only appears for the camera. Asher pushing me away with his fingers. I have embraced the awkwardness. Have indulged them then moved onto the next shot (digital memory is cheap). Still, I hope we don't find out years from now that in all this documentation we were missing the best moments through wanting to capture them. #shootyourlife