I am driving into Boulder at rush hour. No. I am not driving. I am in the passenger seat with my camera out the window trying to take this all in.

For a visual person, I have spent alot of my life feeling rather than seeing. I have had an aversion to studying surfaces. Could not really take in big vistas - or even the idea of infinity. Believed that beauty was from within so much that I hired the best hair/makeup and wardrobe stylists I could afford, just to free myself to go deeper.

Now. Suddenly. I am feeling so overwhelmed by the beauty all around me. It is incredible to live in a place that you really cannot keep your eyes on the road. Where the mountains are always putting on a show if you just look up. Where the light bounces up off balloons launching in the distance, filters across the flatlands through the trees before going up over the hills, and then just dabs the puffiest clouds I have ever seen with the softest stroke. This is an everyday show.

Just yesterday we took a hike in the snow up the mountain at Brainard Lake, had a Nepalese feast in Nederland finished off (as all meals should be) with a ride on a hand carved carousel, then played football at home where it was in the 70’s.

Now I never want to close my eyes.

(The shot above is from the drive into Boulder at rush hour. The shot below of Annie Strongwater in the pumpkin patch in the rain.)