Best August Ever

It was a glorious sunny wonderful August in Boulder.

We ate like kings (and queens) on the bounties of summer. We came out for a 2 week vacation and never left.   We lived both bigger and smaller in our new home.   Huge vistas and mountains.    Thick rich grass in the backyard under the kickball bases.  Swimming almost everyday- in all the new public pools.   Folk festival in Lyons and the up the street at Chataqua and Red Rocks for music.  Sunflower Farm and a dozen new playgrounds. Gluton free haunts.   Mostly - just the Lange family -plus embracing the miracle recovery that is my brother Andrew.

Summer finally ended in grand fashion on Saturday when we went over to the CU quad only blocks from our house to see President Obama.   Jackson and I went up to the barrier and waited for about 90 minutes.  Some of the time leaning on the fence.  Most of the time on my shoulders.   It all built up. Crowds, Security (which Jackson loved - especially the sharpshooters).  Then Obama came bounding out and went within feet of us like he was launched out of a canon.  Jackson cheered and waved his sign.  Obama was just so full of good energy and smiles.    It was thrilling.   The boys played in the back of the crowd as Stephie and I tried to take in the speech.   It was a glorious sunny day.   We were all taken in.  The Lange family.

Jackson introduces us all.  “I am Jackson.  Our mommy is Stephie.   Our Daddy is George.  The baby is Asher.  We are called the LANGE family.”

Asher started hugging me....patting my back and whispering, “I miss you Daddy” - even when I was not going anywhere.

August ran out.  September arrived.   On Labor Day everyone took me to the Denver airport for a trip back to NY.

I was back to work.

Then I was back home in Boulder....with the Lange family.