Best Day Ever

Stephie did this watercolor last night as I was writing this post on the floor of her studio.

My family has always been predisposed to hyperbole.  It is the way we live our lives.   Best movie, best concert, best meal, best lovin’ EVER!

Yesterday I had to pick up a rental camera and lens for the weekend (my best cameras are getting a week at the Canon camera spa.)   I got the small case and took a taxi to Penn Station.  Grabbed a sandwich.  Then, "Oy Vey.  Holy Cow.  Oh my God!"   I left that camera bag in the taxi.  Did not get the receipt.  The train home was about to leave.   Have to pray to the camera gods for a moment between New York and Newark.

Flashback 4 years ago when we moved to Maplewood.   About a month after we bought the house, it was a glorious summer day, and I decided to come home on the train early in the afternoon.  The train was mostly empty.  I had decided to bring my whole camera case and put it on the rack above the seats.   The ride was really beautiful, dreamy.   When I got off in Maplewood, I was in the best mood.  Stephie who was 6 months pregnant with Jackson was picking me up.  As the train pulled away, I realized I had left the camera case on the train.   It had everything I owned – almost $75,000 worth of stuff.  I went to the car and told Stephie I needed to drop her off at home, that I had to drive to Dover (which was the end of the line).    I had never been to Dover, but I decided not to speed.  If I got a ticket I would totally lose it. After a half hour or so, I pulled into Dover and found the train station, which was closed.   No one was around.  Nothing.   I parked the car, walked up to the tracks just as a train was pulling in really slowly.   I peeked in, no one was on the train.  No passengers.  No conductors.  This could not have been my train.   I decided to check anyhow.  I had been in a car somewhere in the middle of the train, so I picked out a car about there to look into.

The train slowly halted and the doors opened.   I stepped into the random car I had chosen and there on the rack was my camera case. No one was around.   I left the train, the doors closed behind me, and the train pulled out of the station.

Last night the phone rang.   The taxi driver called from the Bronx  with the camera bag I had left in his taxi that afternoon.

Best Day. EVER!