Bottle this week

This week was an impossible convergence of karma, resolution, promise, and joy.   I asked Stephie how this could be happening all at once, and she said it came on the shoulders of our Asher.  Two big video/flipbook projects I had been working to land for a long time came into our camp.  One came from an old friend from Pittsburgh.    Her creative director has a son born on the same day as  Jackson.   Another came when I found out a distant cousin I had not seen since I photographed him at age 7 was brought on - unbeknownst to either of us  - to run the project I was being hired for in Santa Barbara.

Also signed on for another year with Glenn - which I am really excited about.  He continues to push me creatively and offer incredible opportunities for creating imagery.  First up is a book on Israel to begin shooting July 4th.

Everything really is connected.  Have learned that I have to own the work in a way I never was able to before.  "Inside", "Jeni's" and "Harley" videos are a very singular vision and rhythm.  All the new projects grow out of that work, everything that came before, and everything that is about to unfold.

I want to bottle this Friday night - so I can remember there was this moment, when the work really did get validated, and the path to grow and evolve was laid out, once again.

Listening to Patti Smith from the upcoming "Rave On Buddy Holly" tribute album.  go to the link for "Words of Love."

The picture above is from a rehearsal in NY with Andrew and Aszure.