Cannes Cheers

2015.06.22 When I first moved to New York from RISD I used to walk around alone at night pressing my face up to restaurant windows, wanting so much to be invited to those large tables of people laughing and having very New York conversations Fast forward many dinners and I am sitting at the end of a long table in Cannes with the team of my dreams. All big thinkers. All kind beyond words. All so supportive of my piece of the story and generous sharing theirs. Eric Schnabel toasting the first night at the Cannes Lions Festival with Creative Shop - @gavincarver @eschnabe @oldrin @julianconstantino @acotterill & more ‪#‎unforgettablephotograph‬ ‪#‎creativeshop‬‪#‎canneslionsfestival‬ ‪#‎instagramcannes2015‬