Catching Up

2015.12.14 I met John Simoudis when he was running the most elegant and intimate B&B in NY - The Inn at Irving Plaza. We became great friends, worked together on all kinds of things, and luckily have stayed in touch. Today we walked around Soho for an hour and I was the lucky recipient of John's wisdom once again. We did the length of Crosby St. - from a smoky cobblestone car ad being filmed to his friend in the Jean shop, to BDDW (one of my favorite retail touchstones in the world) to the basement of De Vera where John pointed in wonder to the floating bat bones and mysterious busts. We were doing so much catching up and considering so many possibilities that John stops at one point and says, "George, you are overthinking it and are way too overstimulated." Yes to both. ‪#‎unforgettableinstagram‬ ‪#‎shootyourlife‬@simoudis ‪#‎Leica‬ ‪#‎LeicaDLux‬ @leica_camera_usa