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Let's Croc It

If you're a parent and ever take the time to look down, you will see Crocs dancing around everywhere. If you go to the dentist, to the animal rescue shelter, to school, to a farm, to any restaurant - THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! We are living a lot of our lives in Crocs. Crocs are the shoes you have fun in. Crocs are the shoes you work in. Crocs are the shoes you play in. It's an everyday exercise - like brushing your teeth. I was given the Crocs challenge several weeks ago. I claimed that people were having a lot more fun in Crocs than they ever shared. My new friend Terence said, “PROVE IT!” Here is the proof.

The Unforgettable Photograph

My friend Scott Mowbray saw me started coming to the beach house I have been going to every year since I was little. I am so comfortable there I shoot everything. Sister plucking each other’s eyebrows. Friends taking naps, taking showers outdoors, acting totally silly. My camera is like a drone attached to me. I float in and out shooting with abandon. Like a fly they are going to ignore and live with. Scott said, "what you are doing intuitively would help people take much better pictures." Now Scott is a big photo enthusiast and comes from being the editor of Cooking Light (and many other Time, Inc assignments). We are also totally different. Scott brings how to and recipe precision to the picture. I bring all the mushy emotional stuff. Scott brings structure and questions most normal people want to have answered. I bring Tom Waits and Duane Michals. We created a hybrid photo book that will definitely improve your pictures. We did not talk about how to be a professional. The book is about how to take the pictures we live but never take. We take pictures of our dessert, but rarely photograph tears. We shoot lots of kids from above, but rarely down on their level. We move away when we should be moving in close. This book is about techniques, but also a philosophy of really appreciating how amazing our lives are.

The book has sold like crazy. It was embraced by Instagram who created a hashtag for the book: #unforgettableinstagram. It got on the Today show and in 3 minutes boosted sales 8000%. It made my mother in Pittsburgh really proud.

Check it out here: The Unforgettable Photograph official website


Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Has Gone Google

  Our new video for Google on Jeni's Ice Cream has just been posted.  Check it out!!

Thanks to Ashley Chandler & Sinead O'Mara at Google.   Danny Bresnik for editing.  Stephie and David at our studio for everything before, during, and after the shoot.

And as always, our friends at Jeni's who are so wonderful and generous and fun.  Especially John Lowe, Jeni and Charly.

What is Vintage?

Our video, "What is Vintage?" just launched today on One King's Lane.  Shot in LA and NY.   It is our first real sync'd sound talkie.   Thanks to everyone who entertained us  and our crew:  Madeline Stuart who held thoughts between the cars coming down from the hills, Wendy Haworth who played Nina Simone on vinyl, Peter Dunham who sent a sofa off to it's new home  dodging traffic on La Brea, Steven Sclarloff who emerged from the underground on White St and made us miss the country, and Malcolm Kutner, who became our friend. BIG thanks to Elana Frankel who shepherded this project at OKL and held our hand, Ethan Trask who gave it his blessing, and my girlfriend Susie Feldman from 7th grade.

Mostly this exists because of Stephie - who just dug in and willed it into life.  And David Mishler who worked by her side and kept the faith with incredible patience and skill.

Jeni's: A Short Holiday Film

I love Jeni Britton because she only knows how to follow her heart. She told me the inspiration for her holiday ice cream flavors was that the holidays are not all happy and good cheer for everyone. There is that person who sneaks off alone in the corner at the party and eats a whole pint of ice cream. That some people are selfish, feel alone, and joy does not find it's way into every heart. Yet, dark can ice cream be? How can Jeni's not make you crazy happy....even if you are alone.

We shot all the usual stuff in Columbus - the test kitchen, the new fancy kitchen - everything being concocted for the incredible new holiday flavors. Then we got the most incredible group of Jeniheads together for a party that quickly took on a life of its own.

Stephanie has overseen creative direction on the videos. She is the one person who can see the big picture while I dive into the little worlds I try to create. She also oversees the whole post production. David Mishler has become an amazing editor - organizing the projects, serving up all the possibilities, even editing the sound on this one. Serge at Nitrous worked on the sound effects. Thanks also to our video cameramen, Nathan Bielski and Jeremy Hughes, and of course everyone at Jeni's - especially Ryan Morgan who championed this through, and Jeni, who always inspires.

Music - "Allegretto non troppo - Allegro molto vivace" from the Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 by Felix Mendelssohn. Performed by Johnny Gandelsman (violin soloist) and the Wilde Ginger Philharmonic. Conducted by David Goodman.

The Shop Brooklyn

I fucking love this video. It gets to the heart of what I am trying to do. Dan Lyle was our tour guide of his shop, "The Shop" in Brooklyn. I love the fan on the ass. I love the dog in the fire hydrant movie shot off an iphone. It felt like Dan would hug me or bop me with a baseball bat depending on how I looked at him. I probably deserved both. Shot this in two afternoons, edited it in two days. Delivered. Onward.

The New Jeni's Splendid Video

Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream just posted a video we made for them, front and center on their new website. This video documents my obsession with Jeni - capturing the spirit of what makes Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream so amazing. So many stories I have worked on begin with my being obsessed with another person who is equally possessed with their work. I kept trying Jeni's ice cream at the little stand at the Short North Market in Columbus. The flavors killed, and kept changing each visit. All inspired and brilliant and amazingly yummy. I tracked Jeni down, we became friends, and I have shot many pictures for her these past few years. There is an unspoken passion for our work that we share and it feeds our relationship. For this video, we focused solely on how all of the fresh ingredients, the people putting them together, and the scoopers, make those of us lucky enough to lick all over her amazing concoctions so stinking happy. This is my first live video. I was not super happy when I shot it last summer - thought more about what was missing than what was here. We put up the Cherry Lambic video - which was a single miraculous outtake, and put the rest to bed for awhile. A month ago, Stephie and David woke the project back up, found a great song and gave it all form. We went back and shot a little bit more, and now you have it.

As always... thanks to Stephie who sees these projects so clearly and is so amazing at completing the story (both the video and my own story...). Thanks also to David Mishler who has developed such great skill in constructing our projects in Final Cut - allowing us to find our voice.


Living for 9 months with a latent idea. Another baby growing in Stephie’s belly. It gives you a little time to sort things out before you learn your dreams are really small compared to the life getting ready to take it’s first breath. When Stephie first became pregnant, we knew we wanted to reimagine the “Welcome” video, while also recognizing this was a going to be a whole new experience. The flipbook was an excuse to play with paint and chocolate and stamps and string. We started in this incredible apartment in Antwerp, talked our way into the best Belgian chocolate kitchen, followed up in Maplewood, and finally did the last scene in Pittsburgh at my childhood home.

Thanks to Burie for the chocolate, Eve O’Shea for the baby drawing, David Mishler for help editing, our moms. This is dedicated to our Dads, Steve Cook and Jack Lange, who we miss so much.


I sent out our new “Inside” flipbook to some friends last week - and the floodgates broke.

Floodgates of tears and joy:

From Susie, “i am crying...and I don't often cry.thank you for sending it to me and making me smile/cry”

From Linda, “Honestly…have tears in my eyes as I write this…MAGICAL!!! “

From Liz, “I look ridiculous because I'm sitting at my desk crying and grinning ear to ear. This video is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it - visuals, music everything. I love seeing you and your family so happy.”

From Rick, “.... and they asked, what is Love.... and they answered - look inside!”

“Inside” is our welcoming Asher into the world.  It taps into the sweet spot our family likes to live in and share.


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