The Salt of the Earth

If you are wanting to see the most incredible film on a photographer ever, track down the film, “Salt Of The Earth” - which is playing in theaters now. It is about the work of the great Brazilian photographer, Sebastiao Salgado, directed by Wim Wenders and Salgado’s son, Juliano Riebiero Salgado. If any of us had lived one of Salgado’s chapters we would consider it an incredibly rich life. That he has lived so many chapters, entered the darkest of the dark, and emerged with such planetary redemption - is a miracle to behold. Friends in Boulder, "Salt of the Earth" is now playing at the Century. Get out of the rain and snow(!). See it on the big screen. My son Jackson said this flood will not be so bad, we have another 99 years to go before the 100 year flood waters return.


Kurt Cobain - Montage of Heck


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My neighbor produced the new Kurt Cobain doc, “Montage of Heck.” We saw a screening last night. I needed to see it on a big screen. Needed the sound to envelop and scream. The film is raw grit that is rough even when it tries to steers soft. It does not tell the story behind the music, it slices at the rage behind the artist’s brief restless trip to 27 and out. A lot of it felt like a cry for love that hit a slamming door. Some love that came too late in the blur of a warm little girl. The screams from the crowd that tried to dig beyond the art slapped the artist senseless.

The film by Brett Morgen is a masterful telling of the tragedy that comes too often to the most fragile among us who need the most nurturing. I have been friends with real artists. Have given them a warm shower, a can of tuna and as much love as I could. I have attended their memorials meant to “celebrate” their gift, only to find their spirit tied to the hand which was allowed to slip. The evidence of real art is our most precious resource. More that water. More than air. And for too many of the greatest creators, more than life.

"Kurt Cobain -Montage of Heck" is now playing on HBO - but see it at the theater if you can. HBO info here: Great article on the making of the film here:…/raising-heck-inside-the-kurt-cobain-do… ‪#‎nirvana‬ ‪#‎montageofheck‬ ‪#‎kurtcobain‬

TEDx Boulder

This was the first time I had ever given a talk on a big stage. With no notes. And a clock set at 9 minutes. In front of 2, 500 people. It came right after the flood in Boulder, so we were given no time to rehearse on stage. I got a hotel room, closed the curtains almost completely and let the sun shine through a sliver of space. It felt like a spotlight. I am not good at memorizing. Not so good at talking to a sea of darkness. Also did not anticipate the reaction to each picture which sent my timing all off. In the end, there is the sound of my father singing. The core message of believing in what you love and building a life around that. And...those pants which I thought were a good idea.

Mother's Day - A Work in Progress

Everything I have to say about Stephie, everything I love about her, everything I can share - is in our new, “Inside” video.   It is just about ready.  It is the most personal work we have ever done, and the most beautiful.  If you write to the studio ( - put “Inside” in the subject line), we will send you a link for the work in progress.  If are more patient, it will be posted on our website next week.

Mother’s Day was wanting to be together.  Waking to wishes flying off the ceiling fan. Over pancakes from Poppycock’s.  With the boys on the spring grass.   Just the two of us at a picnic of truffled pate and sweet melon where we made it past reality into dreamland.    The day crowned by a feast cooked up by our good friend Scott Mowbray.

Mother’s Day with Stephie, who has taught our sons more from her patience and love than any lessons they will ever learn.   Mother’s Day wishes to my mother in Pittsburgh, who sang with Jackson and Asher over a video chat.  Mother’s Day wishes to Janet Cook who will be in her garden for the foreseeable future, with all of us ready for a glass of wine and walk through the blooms.

Stephie navigating Antwerp in the rain

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There is a longer, "director's cut" of this video - involving three different locations, phenomenal production values, dangerous stunts and camera work, and fish at the end.   The producers convinced me to keep it short and to the point.   Let me know if you are interested in seeing the longer version.   Requests can be sent to: george@langestudio

Pete Seeger at 91

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It was well over a hundred degrees in this tent at the Clearwater Festival.   Jackson's hair was plastered  to his head, taking it all in.  Pete was right there in all his glory.

When I was maybe 10,11, 12....I went to my first Pete Seeger concert in Pittsburgh.  Outside they were handing out flyers warning that Pete was a communist and not to go in.    I remember wanting even more to go in, which I did and sang my heart out.  So much so, that Muzz's older brother David told me to stop singing so loud.   I guess it says something about my childhood that David trying to quiet me down at a Pete Seeger concert was one of my biggest traumas.

Last year, Glenn Beck asked me if my parents were communists.   I told him the closest I had ever gotten to a communist growing up was going to a Pete Seeger concert. Glenn looked at me incredulously, "Pete Seeger!  Pete Seeger is an artist.  Artists can do anything!"