Woke up in room 1721 of the Pennisula Hotel in Chicago this morning.   This is one super fancy cave they have built.  Love being so pampered.   Perfect tomato soup and tuna tartare while editing at 2AM.   "Our pleasure, Mr. Lange."     The fitness breakfast at 7AM.  "If there is ANYTHING else we can do for you, please let us know."

Had my iphone next to the coffee.  Jackson and Stephie were joining me on Facetime.  "Jackson, would you like a strawberry?"  "Thanks, Daddy!"   Run my jumble of ideas past Stephie.  She sorts them out and makes sense of it all.

Portrait of Bob Fine by Harry Callahan Run out on the most beautiful spring morning.  Searching for the ghost of Harry Callahan. In particular....his beloved portrait of Bob Fine.   Have decided to make Glenn small in the shots.   Scouting this morning, shooting this afternoon.  No permits.

Ran by the Jazz Record Mart - which I love so much.   Buying CD's seems insane in 2011, but have to support them.   Bought Don Cherry's, Multikuti.  Saw Cherry outside of Paris years ago in an old high school auditorium , sitting on an oriental rug playing this song.

My old Chefwear friend, Kate Shifrin came got wardrobe pulled and loved seeing her again.  Rich Bonn came by for a pep talk.  He understands Callahan more than anyone on our team.

The funny this being here is that I am shooting Chicago like I should be shooting New York, which is my own backyard - but so often just look at, taking mental pictures.