Cologne on May 25

Just before pulling into the train station in Cologne, we saw a large exhibition of photographs up on the bridge.   The were mostly headshots, like we had seen many times in museums, and books – faces of Shoah.   Display  portraits of deportation that public to welcome you into this busy German town in 2010?  We saw them again both ways when we went to Wuppertal.  Then last night, at the end of the day I went up to see them close-up and they were gone.   I walked to both sides of the bridge.  The fence was covered with thousands of little locks, all signed with names of couples in love who threw the keys in the Rhine.  The exhibition was over. We went to see Marcus Schaden at his remarkable bookshop.  He was in LA, but all the wonderful photography books were there and Richard opened volumes for us.  The gallery owner across the street saw us looking at the incredible Yutaka Takanashi book, and took us over to her gallery where they had an exhibition of Tajanashi.   Back and forth between pictures looking better on the wall or on the printed page.  Both in Takanashi’s case were wonderful, maybe the wall got the edge.  Loved the reflections and the shadows and the sea.

Two years ago I was talking to Marcus Schaden at a festival in Dumbo, at Powerhouse.  He had a table of his books, and while we were talking someone stole his computer.  Didn’t figure it out until he was long gone.   Were able to see the person on a security camera later.  The computer was history.

Feel like there are three of us on this trip.  Stephie, myself, and this baby growing inside.    Looking at little girls clothing.  Maybe Jackson, maybe.