Company Photographer

Was invited to participate in on the advisory board of Aszure & Artists. Went to the first meeting - roomful of fascinating Danceworld heavies. Aszure was amazing running the meeting - being able to ask for help while also being clear about where she wants to take her creations both with her own company and other commissions she works on. She handed out a mission statement with my name listed as the "company photographer." It was a dream come true. We have taken pictures several times over the past year - none of the shootings were documenting her works. They were more improvisations she did with her dancers for the camera. I love her work so much, like a dream I never remembered but wish I had. She had asked me for a bio a while back and I sent an email with the following answer which she printed in the statement: Aszure...

Can I say in my bio that I had a life altering experience seeing you perform at Jacob's Pillow?

Can I say that I stalked you for many months until we had lunch one freezing day and you let me in?

Can I say how the shootings we have done have recalibrated my internal rhythm ?

Life is only about rhythm. I photograph the beats. I have had to work through actors and presidents, surgeons and bakers, civil rights heroes and muses to finally...finally get to Aszure - who pounds the floor and spits and insists that beauty is not always pretty....and yet it is always beautiful.

I have been taking pictures since the age of 5. I am obsessed with the next five minutes, the next ten pictures, a map into a dream. I just became a father and am quickly learning a language with no words. I think alot of about the connections we all crave with eachother. I try to photograph from the inside out.

The photographs are only the excuse to get to know you and ask this one question that has been bugging me....

I spend alot of time trying to remember specific moments - and photographs give me a fighting chance.

I take mostly mental pictures.

My pictures are becoming more and more cinematic. Rather than presenting a singular moment as the truth, I have been shooting the whole arc. I have been stitching the moments together into little movies. I like making you shiver.

When I arrived, Aszure handed me the new issue of Movmnt Magazine with these spreads: