On of the great joys of putting your work and ideas out in the world is getting a random email this wonderful: George--

On Saturday afternoon, I bought a copy of "the book" in a Barnes & Noble in midtown Manhattan before returning to our home in Boston, I figured at the least it would be an instructive read for the serious amateur photographer that I am. I was right. But it was far more. Brilliantly written. Beautifully designed. And very helpful on a bunch of points that resonate with me.

I wouldn't bother to write or risk interrupting you, except that the picture of you as a boy in Pittsburgh pushed my buttons. I grew up in Mount Lebanon only a few years earlier than you did in McKeesport, and have had a camera in my hand ever since I was old enough to carry one.

After that, I traveled the road through law school and have been an intellectual property lawyer for 35 years.You took the other road and followed your passion.

Our paths almost crossed again when my I lived on the northern end of Benefit Street just a year or two after you graduated from RISD.

I also couldn't help noticing your affection for Duane Michals. In 1967, Michals, on assignment from Scientific American, showed up at our house and took this picture of my father, Simon. Perhaps you have seen it? You can catch a glimpse of Michals' head reflected in the front window of our living room. Years later, I met Michals again when he gave a talk at the Art Institute of Boston, and I cajoled him into signing the print. Your work is marvelous.

Thanks for listening.

David Feigenbaum

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