Craftsy is an incredible business based in Denver that produces very high end online classes with an incredible interface. Craftsy said, “Go on the other side of the camera and share.”

I asked, “Is this scripted?”

Craftsy asked, “Is your life scripted.”

I said, “My life doesn’t get scripted until I live it and look back.”

Craftsy said, “Exactly.”

They spent two months in pre-production for a my whirlwind shoot. It was super fun and terrifying. When I slowed down they hit the gas. When I banged my head on the wall they left it in the class. One of the most fun things about the class was how great the pictures came out in the scenarios we set up. Which is really what astonishes me everyday. That we are creating images that never could have existed if we were not that trying to hold onto the most precious fleeting moments.

If you sign up for this class you will learn a bunch of the things I think about when I take pictures, and many of the things I don’t think about.

It is all about taking pictures of what things feel like rather than what they look like.

Your mental pictures will most definitely improve.


For more information, visit CRAFTSY HERE!