The real question everyday it seems is whether to edit or create.   Creating involves alot of choices, but in the middle of it, you let go.   You are creating something that never existed from materials and thoughts and ideas that you have....edited, often unconsciously.   I want to photograph in the city, at the pool, inside my head.   I want to look all around you - up one side and down the other, then photograph from the inside out.  Then I will have three thousand pictures of you to edit. My favorite is being in an empty room.  Beautiful light that I can bend.  Some string.  Maybe some paint or newspaper. and some old leather suitcases.  A hat, some purple leather gloves, and an old mirror.  I don't even need those things.  I like creating images that never would have existed if we had not created them together.

The greatest luxury is having the time to follow one thought down the road for awhile.   Most pictures I take the clock is ticking.

Even if I had all the time in the world, the wind would still blow the curtain, the sun would still disappear.