Creative Shop

2015.07.16 If any of you were peering off the Brooklyn Bridge late this afternoon, you might have seen the ship named "Revolution" passing underneath. You might have seen a group doing a big selfie. This group represents a good part of Creative Shop at Facebook where I am the Artist in Residence. A couple of hours before they had been in the woods at a meeting, asking questions to their group leader. When their leader was asked, "What keeps you up at night ?", he did not talk about work, even though they were all tasked with an incredibly ambitious mission. He replied, "What keeps me up at night is being concerned with all of your health and well being." He talked about about how important it was to dream big and how to support each other's dreams. Once again I walked away thinking, "I have not been dreaming nearly big enough." And I am a big dreamer! #unforgettableinstagram