Creativity at Discovery

I am so lucky to get the kindest notes after venturing out on the other side of the lens. This is one of the sweetest ones from my talk at the Creative Speaker series at Discovery in Silver Spring yesterday. I met Elizabeth Bakacs through my new Boulder neighbor, and (possibly new friend) Grant Bessler. Elizabeth wrote: Thank you for sharing your photography, your stories and your perspective on creativity today at Discovery. The work you do for us is gorgeous, as is your personal photography. But moreover I was inspired by the lens through which you look at WHY you work and WHAT being a human being brings TO your work. I love your stories about side streets and inside stairwells, holding hands and trust, appreciation and love. I love that you use the word love so freely.

Thank you for sharing. And please continue to put love out in the world!

The pictures are of Karen R Smith before the talk, and then one Karen took during the Q&A with James Gilbey. James was so amazing to talk with. Karen always the best.2.25a 2.25b