Crying Like Yesterday

tribobamapic_2.jpg This is the week of tears.  We all knew the announcement was coming, then it all felt so sudden.  We knew Tuesday evening it had become inevitable and still, it was so unbelievable when it was finally announced. We could barely read the screen through the tears. We cried like babies when he was speaking - so serious and with such strength.  We just sobbed watching his family gather and hold eachother  - as we  all held eachother.   Tears whenever anyone discussed it.  Tears whenever you had a moment of quiet to actually let it soak it in.  Tears now writing.

When I held Jackson out on the porch, looking out at the yard scattered with yellow leaves melting into the grass, I told him about a dream come true.   I told him about a moment happening all around that would define the world he grows up in.  He reached up and slicked back his little soft hair in the salty tears I had dripped there.

It is a moment to savor.  All of us.    Mr. Obama is right.  It is not about him.  It is about this feeling we all have deep inside.  Red people and blue people and tall hairy people and people with big funny feet.  It is the feeling I have been trying to photograph and the way I have tried to live my whole life.  This feeling that we are all connected.

Mr. president-elect Obama is able to show us ourselves.  The good part of ourselves.  The part where we can all sing the same song in different harmonies.  The part where we admit it is not us against them.  We are not just passing through.  There is a common purpose built from a common bond.  Things like truth and justice matter.   Things like the environment and equal rights matter.  It is totally extraordinary that our most basic American values are back on the table after being used as weapons and left as discarded shells for the last 8 years. It is completely crazy to see all the good liberals (and everyone else) feeling so patriotic.

This all sounds so corny and it is.  The is possibly the corniest moment in our lives.  The coolest moment.  The most powerful moment.  The most impossible moment.  The moment when every sweet cliche rings true.  Pete Seeger is alive.  How about that!