David Letterman

Watching David Letterman turn all soft and fuzzy is a trick that longevity and an exit door play on a buttoned up suit. It seems what really loosened his tie was having a son, Harry who gets to make up the jokes for his next chapter. Love can be surprisingly disarming. The funniest I ever saw Letterman was when he was subbing for Johnny Carson back when he was starting out. Always missed the emotion he is allowing these final weeks. He has learned to say thank you. Even leaning into Tracy Chapman after so beautifully covering one of his favorite songs from childhood ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlZxx3elxBE ) and whispering, “that meant a lot to me.”

Letterman is singing his swan song at the height of spring, which sent me searching out every version I could find for one of my favorite songs ever, Tom Wait’s, “All The World Is Green.” Found a great version with a classic interview from Letterman in ‘02.