Digital Life


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Madonna in the Times last Friday: “What started out as an invigorating, life-enhancing, joyous experience evolved into something quite crazy. A strange artistic process, but a sign of the time. We’re all digital, we’re all vulnerable and everything’s instant — so instant. Instant success and instant failure. Instant discovery, instant destruction, instant construction. It’s as splendid and wonderful as it is devastating. Honestly, to me it’s the death of being an artist in many ways." Yes, it is all going fast. Yes, it is all crazy how we struggle to slow down to hear spring appearing in the still bare trees. Yes, the physical commute in the morning is only the practical side of the emotional commute which we need more than anything. I love this article by Paul Ford about putting your finger in the digital dike - but have to admit I found myself wanting to know about some of the things he was shutting out.