We spend most of our time editing.  What to put on in the morning. What article to read in the paper.  What to eat.  Who to call.  What to talk about.  WHAT TO DO! We have stacks of books and magazines by our bed.  An ipad with a world far to vast to ingest.  84 blogs.  28 button down shirts.  8 pairs of jeans.  12 belts.    Our iphone has 31 apps.   For dinner we have a choice of 8 kinds of fish, 16 cuts of beefs, chicken breasts, cutlets or maybe tofu.   6 different kinds of potatoes cooked 14 different ways - not including frying. Yellow onions, spanish onions, Vidalia onions, scallions, chives, or shallots. Or as Joe's Sandwich shop used to ask, "Salt, pepper, celery salt?  Mustard, mayo, pickles?  White, rye or Whole Wheat?"  At the chocolate shop there are 67 choices and no one is going to help you.   At the juice bar - carrot, celery, apple, ginger, wheat grass - or all combined....yes. just combine them.   What are we going to listen to??  Let's see, we have 3000 cd's, a streaming subcription service with...oh...about 10 million songs.  We have hard drives loaded with music, ipods, some old vinyl.   Oh, and there is this sheet music above the piano.

And I don't even watch tv.