Email #1

I have been filtering a bunch of email correspondences I have wanted to include on my blog.  I don't want anyone writing to me to think everything is a potential post.  Yet, I feel like alot of the best stuff is slipping into a large, deep archive never to be seen again.     I found a bunch of emails I had printed out from my father yesterday - printed long before I was good about archiving or filtering email.  If they had not been printed, they would be long gone.  I am still not that good about filtering and archiving. This is from a designer friend this morning: How's life?


On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 10:26 AM, George Lange <> wrote: M,

Life is.....

fat and sloppy

lean and fast

really small and bigger than tall

Biggest news is that Jackson is having a brother in October.

Trying not to spend too much time imagining what that is going to be like.

When I do - I think of you reading to your two sons that night long ago - even pre-Jackson. I think of that scene alot.   You in there for a long time. Sitting between the beds.  Both boys winding down their days. Two boys and their dad.   It was such a mystery to me then. Cannot tell you how much I wanted to be you at that moment.

I wrote a long post about Father's Day.   I wrote about not being born knowing how to be a father.  Stephie read it and said you were always meant to be a father.

Could write here...but have been posting alot the past month - and hoping the posts are poetic enough.  Either way, would love to get your feedback.

First - our newest little flipbook is here: It is from a morning at the Crosby Hotel on Stephie's birthday.

The Jackson blog is here:

My "work" blog is here:

One time I was meeting with the procurement guy  - he began the meeting by explaining that nothing we would discuss is personal.   I told  him that everything is personal - but I wouldn't hold anything against him.

Would love to see you guys sometime soon.

Love to P and the boys.


From M:

right after i wrote 'how's life?' i remembered your blog and went for a look.

congratulations!!!!!!!! i feel it deep in my heart seeing stephie pregnant and remembering the excitement of those days. you will love having two. there is no limit to the love... it just grows.

i still lay in bed every night with both boys. it's the very best part of my day... to feel the weight of their heads on my shoulders as they drift off to sleep knowing that everything is right in the world... i stay there for sometimes a half-hour after they're out...

i love the flipbook.

started reading your father's day post and decided i didn't want to rush through it... or the rest of the letters to Jackson... I will enjoy them later today when things slow down  and give them the time they deserve....

it's such a pleasure to catch up with you through those pictures... so much life...

i would love for J and H to meet Jackson...

everything has always been personal for you, and i think that fact is now leading your work more than ever... can't wait to see where it keeps going...

i'm just now learning that lesson i think... it's time...

will send you some videos i've made... there just a start, but i can tell it's where i'm headed...

more soon....