Ending the Campaign with Humor & Humanity

2016.05.03I read about how important “trust” is everyday. With regard to brands, personal and work relationships…and...politicians. I have learned in my own marriage that it is all built on trust — and that requires me being trustworthy.Being trustworthy is about owning who you really are, and in the public arena, sharing that with equal amounts of strength and humility. Now I disagree with Ted Cruz on almost every issue and find the way he presents his case particularly non-inclusive. But I am not here to kick him when he is down. I am just here to show, in a singular photograph what Cruz edits out is the part that is most human. I took this picture backstage at a Cruz event in Oklahoma two months ago. Glenn Beck was introducing him and was going pretty over the top in his praise. Cruz was backstage taking it in stride and showing to no one in particular how it made him feel to be introduced like that. In one single moment, his campaign manager kicked up his foot and Cruz was punching himself all in self deprecation — and I got that shot. Because of the way I got entry and the way I work, I asked Cruz for permission to use the shot — which he declined with a message from his blackberry saying, “Awesome pic. Not the right time right now. Let’s hold this and do a bunch with it when we do it.” Since his campaign folded tonight, I think a send off with some humor and humanity is appropriate. The way campaigns work these days you are going to be raked over the coals for whatever you say or even don’t say. So it seems to me the best card you can possibly play is the most human one…which also carries the risk of being the most vulnerable. Photograph copyright (c)2016 by George Lange