Go On Dare

goondare.jpg Saw that sign this morning at the pool and could relate. Got my blog chops reignited writing in the guest book of my father in law's blog the past week. Have been writing under Jackson's name. Love thinking about what might be in his head. Posting my entries on Bigger Than Yesterday.

Went to PhotoExpo in NY last Friday. When I saw the queue of people lined up at the Kodak booth to get the free film they were handing out, I knew I might not be at the right place. Saw mugs and beach towels and tatoos you can put your pictures on. Met someone who last saw me shoulder deep in the Dead Sea barely balancing my Leaf camera over my head. Hugged Ari Briggs, one of my favorite people. Ari runs marketing for Leaf in Tel Aviv, and could not help me with my yiddish.

So here we are. Listening to Steve Earle, who we saw a couple of weeks ago at a church in the Village. He ended the show telling the audience, "Don't fuck up!" And everyone knew that meant something we all need to do behind a closed curtain next week. I have been wearing my Obama hat everyday for 6 months now, thinking about how good this country is going to feel about itself on November 5th. Read Stanley Fish this morning, and I think he gets the big picture, which is the kind of picture I want to hang on my wall.