Fan Club on Vacation

I slid into the beach running on empty.  Boys in our arms making us promise we would stay ten days, when we only have five.  Jackson waited in the car for an hour before we were even ready to leave.  He was ready.

I have been coming to this house since I was a little boy.  One outdoor shower for 12.  One bar of soap in a shell.  Two rules:  No tampons in the toilets.   No complaining about how tired you are.  Naps are fine, just NO COMPLAINING!  So I was mute for the first 24 hours.

I have written 26 pages for the blog the past two weeks.  Writing, but no time to edit.  I hope I will have time this week.   Or maybe, will just dream.

In the meantime, Annie Meyer's friend from Boulder wrote better than I ever could.  I always wonder who is out there reading this.   Meet Elizabeth.

Hi George, My name is Liz Query, and I quite possibly could be your biggest fan. I am in northern Michigan at the moment in a tiny little town on a beautiful lake I have spent every summer in since I was three weeks old. this email has been reduced to be written on my iphone because unfortunately, (even though i wish and hope and pray to god this was not the case) we don't have access to great signal under these trees. which can admittedly be a good break for a computer/facebook/whatever obsessor as myself. as we drove back from a canoe trip today, I was thinking as hard as I could about what on earth I should say to you and how I should form the email to make it sound like I was not just some ordinary fan, but some awesome literary genius who swept you off your feet with my intelligence and wit. But, let's be honest here.. If I had tried, I would have tried too hard. I look at your blog almost every day and watch your videos and flip books pretty much religiously. I am good friends with Annie, and that's how I found out about you. I love taking pictures myself, and quite often try to incorporate your style into some pictures I take. Overall, I think you are the bees knees, and an incredible inspiration to a youngster photographer like myself.

If you ever find yourself in boulder, it would send joy through my eyeballs if you decided to get in touch with me and talk about photography. I have lots of questions I have dreamt of asking you, and I can promise you I'll to try to make them not be the repetitive and regular cookie cutter questions I'm sure you so often hear. I am told the summers where you are are just incredible, so I hope you get to enjoy your time there with your family, as I will continue to do the same here.

I admit, I had a tweaky teen fan moment today when Annie told me to email you. so as this email may sound level headed and calm... just know.... I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!

Sincerely, Elizabeth

Luke Meyers took this shot on the porch.