Farm Dinners

I have a new friend who stages moveable feasts at farms all summer under the guise of Meadow Lark ( Veronica talked about cooking and food in a way that truly embodied Henry James's quote, "“There is only one recipe - to care a great deal for the cookery.” So this summer, I will be telling tales of stalks that bend in the wind before getting pulled up by artist's hands, berries that recover from floods and get laced through sweet corn ice cream, knives the cut into flesh like a fine shave - all served up on antique Limoges china as performance art that poses at dusk then is consumed. I will try to prove that there was that night, when everyone was around a table with their eyes closed in bliss - sipping, licking, moaning - and then it all disappeared into the night. #shootyourlifejackson water 700