Father & Son at Whole Foods

Took this picture a week ago. Went to Whole Foods with Jackson. Put his car seat in the cart and then loaded it with groceries. Mothers came by and looked in, "your wife is going to kill you when if you show her a picture of this." They didn't know about the first shooting my "wife" went to. It was Stephie's first trip ever to New York. We has met a month before in Nashville. I picked her up at Laguardia in a car service that left us at the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked over in Manhattan and photographed our feet touching New York together for the first time. The next day I had a big ABC ad shooting with Kelly Ripa that Stephie came along to. Kelly is really nice, but that day she was a REALLY big flirt. Totally embarrasing. I was dying inside thinking Stephie is going to hate this. Afterwards, I discussed it with Stephie, "It is not normally like this. She was a really big flirt...and ...ah..... " Stephie brushed it all aside and said, "You can do anything you want with your camera in your hands." I knew then,as I knew at Whole Foods I had found the love and support I had always craved. Then it is in my court, as Stephie always reminds me, "the work leads to the work."