First Aid Kit

First, I apologize.   I try to do this everyday.  You are busy.  It is okay.  I am busy, too, but I am always thinking about you.  Wondering if you saw this.  When I sit down there is so much to share that the post gets much longer than you have time for.  Take a little bite.  Sip some coffee.  Come back when you can.  I will be here.

Started the year off meeting with Stephie in New York on January 2.  No one was working.  The city was cleaning up and quiet.  The office in NY was empty but really bright and sunny.   We needed a plan.  I have never planned.  We needed to keep a promise.  Needed to shine a light.  So we made a plan.   It was not that hard.  Stephie loves maps and has become a master cartographer for this ship.

Subalehka and Jonah whose two brains make a very balanced wonderful one - came in and helped us part on the left and comb everything into place.

Then...over the next weeks everything became wonderful and rich.   I can't show the pictures yet - but soon.   I can't talk about the videos we are doing - but so excited the new projects involve the leap to directing.   I can say the book we are doing for Workman is going to be totally amazing!   I can say the next weeks shooting in LA, in Utah, in Columbus, in Boston will be the best I have ever done.

Last night I stayed in NY writing for the book.  I don't understand why some days I have such crazy energy and everything just comes pouring out.  I took a late train home.  Walking up the hill I heard this song I knew coming out of a bar.  A bunch of women were having a great time singing Karaoke.   The song was so familiar.   Then they came to the chorus of "Thunder Road."  I kept walking.  Thought about the night a couple of years ago my mother asked me about Bruce Springsteen.   We sat down on the couch and I played her several videos of Bruce singing Thunder Road - acoustic alone, with the whole band.  I gave her a sheet with the lyrics.   I looked over and she was really moved.  She said, "I didn't know he was so emotional."   Months later she went to see him in Colorado with my brother.  They snuck up to sit close.

Links: Great article in the Times yesterday on eating mindfully.  Hard to imagine slowing down this much, but does make eating lunch at your computer sound alittle insane.

Odd segue, but sticking with food - if you are in Nashville, visit Burger Up.  Love everything there from the room, to the staff - and onion rings stacked like a perfect mountain.  But go there for the coffee.   It is crazy that something we are pretty sophisticated about in NY they can rewire your body with in one cup.

Discovered the most amazing band in the middle of the night in Nashville over the weekend.  Could not sleep in the middle of the night.  Plugged my ears with a show called, "Acoustic Cafe."   Not as Starbucks as it sounds.  They played, "King of the World" by, "First Aid Kit" that had Connor Oberest (Bright Eyes) singing on the track.  I checked out their videos.  I listened to the album they just released.  They are sisters, in their early 20's - from Sweden.  I am so happy to share.  Here is music to take February back with

I saw a clip of Bill O'Reilly (which is a weird thing to say since I have never watched him before) DEFENDING JC Penney and Ellen Degeneres.   Then I did something I also have never done, I wrote to JC Penney supporting their support of Ellen.  They wrote this back, "As we focus on being in sync with the rhythm of our customers' lives and operating in a 'Fair and Square' manner that is rooted in integrity, simplicity and respect, we couldn't think of a better partner than Ellen DeGeneres. We are extremely proud to have her on our team."

The rhythm of our customers.....   Maybe there is hope.

One last video for if the snow ever comes......from the Head & The Heart