First Night - Jackson's Menorah


All I can say about the first night of Chanukah is in this picture.  Jackson with the menorah he made at school with glue and bolts.

Stayed up late last night and found my rhythm again.  Sent this picture out in the world and got so much love back - almost immediately.  Have a healthy love/hate with Facebook - but it felt like a big virtual hug early in the morning.   I don't pretend it is reality.  But it was sweet to share.
Jackson didn't want to kiss me this morning.  I drove him to school.  We talked about what makes us happy - taking the train to New York, making things up, jumping and singing, being a family.  We talked about things real and unreal.   We made up new words to a song we sing.   It was silly.   When we got to school he gave me a big kiss.